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HSJ, Inc will provide leadership in the field of sports, fitness and leisure by providing global trade, consulting, promotion and marketing services.


HSJ, Incorporated is a sports management and consulting firm that specializes in international trade, marketing and networking between the US and Japan.  HSJ, Inc. provides its clients with value-added skills and experience for events and sports organizations.  With vast, sports experience, industry knowledge and operational skills for sports businesses, HSJ, Inc. and its network assist businesses and individuals implement new programs, develop strategic planning and create fresh marketing tools.

Currently, HSJ, Inc. is the Japanese “Master Distributor” for Fieldturf Tarkett Incorporated, an artificial grass manufacturer.  Fieldturf is used for sports stadiums like Gillet Stadium, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Ford Field, U Arena, and the Tokyo Dome. In addition, HSJ, Inc. exports to Japan, several other products, including Halo Headband products.



Mission & Vision
Business Areas

To create a healthy and fit global society

About us

To successfully distribute imported products in the Japanese market, we work closely with our partners 

providing them comprehensive support and suitable marketing tools for the market, based on our careful 

assessment of the needs, trends and characteristics in Japan.   

Our unique network allows us to import state-of-art sporting products from the US and Europe to the Japanese market. We carefully assess trends and demands in the Japanese market to introduce products that will boost athletes' performance and enhance the sports environment in Japan.

By bringing unique and global perspectives based on our wide knowledge and business experiences in the industry, we provide consulting services to various clients and sporting businesses in Japan.

As global interest in health and sports grows, our focus on the role in sports promotion field has also increased. So far we have proudly introduced  "Olympian Heroes" to Japan, a special one-of-a-kind collector item of signed uncut trading card sheets that feature 20 inspirational U.S. Olympians.We have been committed to the promotion of Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series in Japan, one of the most famous marathon events in the world.

FieldTurf Long-pile Artificial Turf

FieldTurf is a Canadian company that invented and perfected long-pile, infilled artificial turf. Today, with over 25,000 fields built around the world, Fieldturf is a worldwide leader for artificial turf surface.

High quality FieldTurf fields that look like grass and play like grass are part of a  total system consisting of materials, installations and maintenance.

FieldTurf's wide product line is optimized to various sports such as soccer, baseball, rugby, American football, golf, and hockey. The consistent quality control throughout the process from manufacturing to installation allows Fieldturf products to meet high playability and durability requirements for professional use and international tournaments. Its safety and durability features are also suitable for school playgrounds and multipurpose fields.

FieldTurf Video Library


EASYTURF is artificial turf system for residential and commercial landscape developed by FieldTurf. With its grass-like appearance, touch and effective drainage performance, EASYTURF is the best surface solution for beautiful gardens and spaces for both residential/commercial use. EASYTURF is long-lasting and can maintain its beautiful appearance with easy maintenance.

GRASSMASTER is a 100% natural sport grass pitch reinforced by artificial turf fibers. This hybrid grass system has more than proven itself at Premier League and NFL clubs, multifunctional stadiums and renowned events such as the Football World Cup, Rugby World Cup, UEFA European Championships, etc. The playing quality is the favorite of top players around the world as the system gives them high durability and stable condition unaffected by the weather, which natural turf fields were difficult to achieve.

PLAYMASTER is a highly sustainable hybrid grass system developed by Tarkett Sports. In a PLAYMASTER system, the synthetic fibers and backing fabric strongly ensure the best natural agronomic condition for the natural grass and work as a complete reinforcement of the natural grass without any negative influence. To realize the ideal hybrid surface, PLAYMASTER sods are sown directly on the pith, or after the hybrid grass sods are grown at specialist turf farms, the ready-to-play PLAYMASTER turf rolls are delivered to the site (Lay & Play instant installation).

Official Website Information Coming Soon

PARUKA Corporation

(Japanese Representative )

Tarkett Sports Indoor Flooring

Indoor Sports Flooring Solutions

Tarkett Sports is one of the largest flooring manufacturer in the world, which offers a wide range of indoor flooring options suitable for many different activities and levels of competition. Tarkett's indoor sports surface solutions bring high quality, unequalled performance levels, and safety features. Tarkett has been an official partner of International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the products conform to DIN standards, which are appropriate for various purposes including indoor sports surfaces, gymnasiums, training facilities, and hosting various events.


Halo Headband is an innovative headgear line invented in

the US and is now the best headband in the market, which is designed to keep sweat out of your eyes.

With patented Sweat Block Technology, Halo Headband 

channels sweat to the sides, out of your face, even if it becomes saturated. It can be used during sports activities, races, training, dancing, labor work and any other situation where you want to keep sweat away from your eyes and ensure the visibility. 

Halo Headband offers wide selection of options including

best sold pull-over headband, hat, sport visor, and skull cap which fits under helmets.

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Olympian Heroes

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Olympian Heroes is a special one-of-a-kind collector item of signed uncut trading card sheets that feature 20 inspirational U.S. Olympians.

Athletes who have signed this item:

If you are interested in purchasing the product, please call or send e-mail from below.

Olympian Heroes
Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Series

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is a world-class marathon event which combines running, music, and entertainment where both runners and spectators can have fun. During each event, live bands line the streets to cheer the runners, while heating up the spectators and with their rock ‘n’ roll performance. Originated in 1998, the Series now visits more than 30 cities in the US, Canada, and Europe, etc, attracting runners and tourists from all over the world. Celebrating 20 years running of the Series in 2017, over 30 cities will host the marathon, where commemorative events and special goods for participants are planned to be provided. The registration is available through the official website operated by Competitor Group.

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Koji Azuma, Vice President & COO

Koji has served as Vice President & COO of HSJ INCORPORATED since he estalished the Japan branch with Willie Banks in January 1999. 

In 1995, when he was working for an advertising firm, he first met Willie who then served as the director of Atlanta Olympic Village. He was impressed by Willie's sports philosophy and his profound knowledge of the sporting world in Japan, and later they became copartners. 

Koji is mainly engaged in sports marketing, consulting and import/export business. 

Willie Banks, President & CEO

Willie currently serves as a World Athletics Council Member (2019-). The Past President of the US Olympians and Paralympians Association. He sat on the Board of Directors for USA Track and Field for 6 years, 1988 Olympic Team Captain, former USATF Alumni President and past chairman of the USATF Athletes Advisory Committee.  While working on the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games the Martin Luther King, Jr. Women’s Association awarded Willie with their “Drum Major for Justice” award given to that individual who exemplifies a positive leadership image.


For many years Willie has assisted cities bidding for international events like the Olympic Games.  He has served as the Deputy Executive Director for the 1994 World Cup of soccer and the Director of Athlete Services for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Village.


Taking note of Willie’s international popularity and outstanding personal character and leadership qualities, Time Magazine once dubbed him “The United States’ ambassador of track and field”. Though Willie is a former world record holder and Olympian, much of his fame comes from his innovative approach to sports.  Willie entertained the crowd and in response the spectators rhythmically clapped while he ran down the runway for his jump.  It became so popular that it set a tradition that is mimicked throughout the world to this day.

Company  Name: 

H.S.J., Incorporated

Date Founded: 

June 16, 1986

(January 6, 1999 HSJ Incorporated Japan Branch)




USD 200,000

Company Address: 

Head Office

P.O. Box 230551 

Encinitas, CA 92023-0551 USA

TEL: +1-760-942-6169

Japan Branch

#201, Castle Eifuku-cho,1-39-10, Eifuku, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan 168-0064

TEL: 03-6379-5930

FAX: 03-6379-5986



Company Profile



World Record Camps are designed by proven winners for dedicated young athletes. The purpose of the camps is to encourage and inspire young athletes (12-18 years old) to believe and achieve their full potential. Through a 2 full-day program, the coaches will educate and train all participants about their core values and the necessary skills, drills, and techniques the participants need to become successful. The clinicians include world record holders, Olympians, and elite coaches; Willie Banks (Triple Jump), Carl Lewis (Long jump & Sprints), Mike Powell (Long Jump), Maurice Greene (Sprints), Daichi Sawano, (Pole Vault), Dai Tamesue (Hurdles), and more. The camps are organized in conjunction with local contacts around the U.S. and International locations; in the past, two camps were done in Japan (Tohoku and Chiba).

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Switchback, LLC

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Japan Branch

#201, Castle Eifuku-cho,
1-39-10, Eifuku, Suginami-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 168-0064

TEL: 03-6379-5930
FAX: 03-6379-5986


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