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FieldTurf - A Global Leader of Artificial Turf

FieldTurf is a Canadian company that invented and perfected long-pile, infilled artificial turf. Today, with over 10,000 fields built around the world, Fieldturf is a worldwide leader for artificial turf surface.​High quality FieldTurf fields that look like grass and play like grass are part of a total system consisting of materials, installations and maintenance.​FieldTurf's wide product line is optimized to various sports such as soccer, baseball, rugby, American football, golf, and hockey. The consistent quality control throughout the process from manufacturing to installation allows Fieldturf products to meet high playability and durability requirements for professional use and international tournaments. Its safety and durability features are also suitable for school playgrounds and multipurpose fields.

FieldTurf's debute in the sport surfacing industry was in 1988 with the introduction of a synthetic grass system for tennis courts and a synthetic grass surface used to minimize wear and tear around golf practice tees. The company then began developing synthetic turf surfaces for other sports installations including soccer, lacrosse, football and baseball. FieldTurf focuses on perfecting a sports field system with a sand and rubber infill, to provide superior athlete safety, high performance and extreme durability. The infilled artificial turf industry was born when, in 1994, FieldTurf installed its first full size soccer field. FieldTurf has also brought about a revolution to the synthetic turf industry with its highly-durable and resilient fiber yet having beautiful appearance and softness just like natural grass.

FieldTurf has been taking a uniquely innovative approach to deliver state-of-the-art synthetic turf systems and constantly offering new products which push the industry's standards and offer clients better field performance and longevity.

Since it became the sole exclusive distributor in Japan and introduced FieldTurf to the Japanese sport surfacing industry, HSJ has striven to promote the spread of FieldTurf in Japanese sport fields which required high-quality, highly-durable synthetic turf. FieldTurf system has been chosen by many customers for their sporting fields at all levels of play, from professional sporting fields to school playgrounds.

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